July 15, 2024

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27 Pantry Door Ideas to Conceal Clutter in Style

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Your kitchen pantry, of course, provides valuable storage, but just because it’s practical doesn’t mean that it has to look boring. That’s where these stunning pantry door ideas come into play. Like the rest of your decor, pantry door styles are abundant, from vintage-inspired wood doors, barn doors, double doors, or set of pocket doors, just to name a few options.

“The goal is for the pantry to blend in naturally with the rest of the kitchen so it becomes an unobtrusive part of the space,” says Andrea Schumacher, the Denver-based founder of Andrea Schumacher Interiors. “At the same time, it should provide value. This approach makes the pantry an integral part of the kitchen’s design narrative rather than an afterthought.”

Should a pantry door match cabinets?

Pantry doors do not have to complement the cabinets, per se, but they should directly tie into your kitchen to some degree, says Marnie Oursler, founder of Marnie Custom Homes in Bethany Beach, Delaware. For example, if you don’t want to match doors to the cabinetry, consider playin to the island color or window trim. “I love to exercise our creative license with pantry doors and depart from the surrounding cabinet styles,” adds Kate Figler, the founder of Kate Figler Interiors in Nashville. In her work, she has opted for fabric fronts, swinging doors, and even vintage pantry doors.

What kind of door is best for pantries?

The most important factor to consider when choosing the type of door to use for your pantry is functionality, Figler says. “This is a door that will be heavily used—we don’t like to incorporate details that are too precious and could wear over time,” she explains. Additionally, be mindful to select a door that will allow you to hide clutter seamlessly. As Figler adds, “We never specify doors with see-through glass fronts as these spaces can get messy and no client likes to stare at their pantry’s insides.” If your kitchen is short on square footage, a sliding door is a great space-saving solution full of practicality, Mann says, adding, “They can also serve as a statement piece in your kitchen.

What can I use instead of a pantry door?

If you’re not a fan of traditional pantry doors, there are other options. For example, instead of using a swinging door, Oursler likes the idea of opting for pocket doors that slide open. To add architectural interest, she recommends trying an arch-shaped door. Mann appreciates the functionality of sliding doors such as barn doors, commenting that they “allow the pantry to remain open, showcasing the open shelving inside, or to be closed when things need to be tidied up.”

Below, take a look at 27 stylish pantry door ideas to inspire as you perfect your own kitchen design. You’re sure to find a door design that complements your home decor aesthetic to a T, whether you’re a minimalist, a modernist, or fall into another camp entirely.


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