July 15, 2024

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9 Kitchen Rug Ideas for a Pretty and Functional Space

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Kitchens are high-traffic areas that are bound to get messy, and it’s easy to believe that the only appropriate kitchen rug ideas are dark, drab, or in stain-resistant colors. But kitchens are often the heart of the home and deserve as much thought as any other room. This means considering everything from the cabinets on the wall to the space under your feet. “When I’m designing kitchens, I consider rugs an opportunity to incorporate unexpected layers of inviting warmth and texture,” says designer Jessica Jubelirer. “Rugs allow color and pattern to coexist with utilitarian aspects of a kitchen—allowing us to weave layers of beauty into the mix.”

At AD, we know how important a good rug is, which is why we embarked on our first-ever product collaboration, a partnership with Ruggable, the LA-based home brand known for its viral washable products. Designed by AD’s New American Voices, our all-star list of the most promising rising talent in the interior design space, these easy-to-clean, hassle-free designs are the ideal blend of form and function. We’ve loved seeing how customers have tailored the vast range of styles in piles and sizes to their own kitchens. Below, we talk with nine design aficionados about the ways they incorporated the rugs into their kitchens, to give you some great ideas of what to try at home.

What is the most important aspect to consider when choosing a kitchen rug?

Pattern, color, and shape are all valid aesthetic criteria to consider when gathering kitchen rug ideas, but selecting something that is easy to clean may be the most vital criteria. After all, it doesn’t matter how fashion-forward a rug is if it’s bathed in spills and infested with crumbs, and those dark fuzzy surfaces could make the perfect home for carpet beetles and other unwanted pests. “Make sure the rugs have a low pile so they can be easily cleaned and vacuumed,” advises Hema Persad of Sagrada Studio, who designed one of the best-selling rugs in AD’s Ruggable collection. “Food particles and other dirt can get trapped in a high-pile rug.”

Safety is also a critical factor to consider, especially if you have kids or pets at home. “Exempt those [styles] with tassels and fringes. It can be a hazard,” suggests Monet Masters of Forbes Masters, who contributed the Maha Natural and the Kasi Black and Tan rugs. David Quarles IV, another participant in the collaboration, agrees. “[I look for] no-slip padding under the rug, eliminating tripping hazards while providing support for us as we lovingly cook meals or daydream while washing dishes,” he says.

A peek inside a vibrant blue Dallas kitchen.

A peek inside Carissa Henderson’s vibrant Dallas kitchen

Photo: Carissa Henderson

Mix and match patterns

If you prefer a maximalist look for your kitchen, the more patterns the merrier. Try a different pattern for your rug, wallpaper, and tile, as long as they are demarcated into distinct zones to avoid visual overload. Incorporating neutrals can also help with keeping it all cohesive. Carissa Henderson, an interiors content creator, struck this perfect balance in her Dallas, Texas, kitchen with David Quarles IV’s La Joie Natural Multicolor rug, which draws inspiration from artists including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Frida Kahlo, and Kehinde Wiley. “I’m a big fan of pattern, color, and style mixing in my spaces!,” Henderson says. “What I love about the La Joie runner is that it is a bold, interesting pattern but with nice muted neutral tones which creates the perfect statement in my already bold kitchen, without feeling too busy.”

Contrast neutrals with a pop of color

A neutral rug balances rosy pink kitchen cupboards.

Kyla Magrath’s neutral rug balances her rosy pink kitchen cupboards.

Photo: Kyla Magrath

If you already have a bold kitchen, consider a neutral rug underfoot, as interior stylist Kyla Magrath opted for in her Bristol, England, kitchen. “The muted earthy colors work perfectly in my kitchen,” she says of Forbes Masters’ Maha Natural Clay Rug. “The print adds warmth and texture to the space. It complements the colors of my cupboard doors and pulls the whole look together.”


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