July 15, 2024

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Extended snow days are leaving parents in search of childcare options

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — As extreme cold weather and slick road conditions persist, many schools across the area have announced an entire week of closures, leaving parents with the challenge of finding suitable childcare options.

Many working parents, faced with the sudden need for supervision and a safe environment for their children, have turned to The Children’s Playroom in Belle Meade for a convenient solution.

Gini Langham, owner of The Children’s Playroom, says they see an increase in enrollment during school closures.

The Children’s Playroom caters to children aged six weeks to 12 years old, experienced an unusually high influx of children on Wednesday.

“Babysitters are hard to find a lot of times, you know, and we’re less expensive than a babysitter in most regards, and they don’t need to reserve anything,” Langham said.

According to the website there is a $20.00 one-time Registration Fee (per family)

  • $11.00 per hour for one child
  • $4.00 more per hour for each additional child
  • $13.00 per hour for all infants under 15 months of age

The Children’s Playroom, a licensed drop-in daycare, offers parents the flexibility to drop off their children at any time that suits them.
Langham acknowledged that the facility had been closed on Monday and Tuesday due to weather conditions. However, recognizing the needs of working parents and those seeking a break for their kids, they decided to reopen to provide a safe haven for children.

“We just tell them to go, and it’s a very easy registration process. They can just register online. That way, when they walk in the door, they just check their children in and they’re off to go,” Langham said.

Despite the closure of schools, The Children’s Playroom maintained its commitment to supporting parents during challenging times.

As weather conditions continue to impact the region, the facility encourages parents to stay updated on potential changes in operating hours by checking their Facebook page or contacting them directly.

There is more information rates and how to register on The Children’s Playroom’s website.

Some school districts also provide different snow day childcare options. For example, Davidson County has a partnership with the YMCA Fun Company, which has locations open on snow days to provide care for children registered.

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