July 15, 2024

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isern serra designs a ‘pixelated’ workspace in barcelona

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Bol production House Breaks the Mold


Barcelona‘s Poblenou neighborhood welcomes BOL Production House, a Spanish creative audiovisual production company, to its new headquarters realized by interior designer Isern Serra. The goal of the project was to move beyond the traditional office concept, fostering a space that feels dynamic, warm, and, most importantly, like a home. The team sought to break away from conventional office layout while maintaining functionality. Serra describes it as ‘a dynamic space that conceptually approaches the idea of a studio.’
isern serra bol productionimages © Salva Lopez



isern serra’s ‘Pixelated’ Cube


Designing the BOL Production House workspace, designer Isern Serra begins with a 350 square meter space occupying the attic of an old industrial building. The lofty space opens broadly outward with three windowed facades that flood the interior with natural light. Serra’s first step was to strip away existing partitions and false ceilings, revealing the raw industrial spirit of the building. This exposed structure was then painted white to create a clean and bright canvas.


Serra divides the space with a large ‘cube’ wrapped in white tiles. This sculptural centerpiece hosts private meeting rooms and separates the open work area from the kitchen and service areas. The decision to forgo traditional doors and glass enclosures emphasizes the open and connected feel of the space. The cube itself is a visual reminder of BOL’s digital identity, as its finish of white ceramic tiles and green grout echoes a field of pixels. Inside, the cube is lined with green carpet which extends across the floors, walls, and ceilings. isern serra bol production
BOL Production House, an audiovisual production company, sets up its new headquarters in Barcelona



the workspace and kitchen


Isern Serra leaves an expansive area open for workspaces at BOL Production House. Three large, custom-designed melamine tables, echoing the green color scheme, rest on sturdy circular concrete legs. Built-in shelves run beneath the windows, providing additional storage and support for the tables. Connecting the work area with the rest space, modular sofas from Hay are scattered throughout, interspersed with plants and coffee tables. This informal setting encourages relaxation and informal conversations.


The kitchen area is anchored by a central island crafted from brick and finished with green microcement. This multifunctional space is a gathering point, offering support for the kitchen tucked away in the background. This area’s true centerpiece is the large wooden dining table, a communal place which reinforces the concept of ‘BOL’s house’ as a home away from home.

isern serra bol production
Isern Serra creates a ‘home away from home,’ moving away from the traditional office concept isern serra bol production
the space was stripped down to celebrate its raw industrial character isern serra designs a 'pixelated' barcelona workspace for BOL production house
a large white cube hosts private meeting rooms and separates work areas from the kitchen


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