July 15, 2024

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NKPR’s Glam Workspace in West Queen West

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Johnson Chou Interiors works with NKPR on a new and improved office design in West Queen West

Natasha Koifman’s visionary leadership as president of Toronto public relations firm NKPR has positioned the agency as one of Toronto’s most cutting edge. To match its reputation NKPR has unveiled a glam office space in the city’s West Queen West neighbourhood that challenges traditional notions of workspace design. Working closely with Johnson Chou Interiors, the agency has crafted an office scheme that brightly integrates comfort, practicality and creativity, setting a new standard for workspace aesthetics Toronto’s corporate leaders ought to make note of.

“Like many offices transitioning from a work-from-home model to working in-office, it was important to the NKPR team that some of the most appealing aspects of working from home were present in the new office space,” says designer Johnson Chou. “To achieve this, we created a variety of environments of both seating and settings to work in.”

The large sofa in the office’s main lounge is fitted with outlets and small laptop tables for a comfortable, social and informal place to work and meet, while the second level features individual desks for more focused, independent work. Like any contemporary workspace, art adds a pop of colour and inspiration to white walls brightening up every corner. “An enticing aspect of being home is the sense of privacy, says Chou. “So, it was critical for us to incorporate quiet spaces and areas for phone calls or virtual meetings which felt more secluded from areas of collaboration.”

The attention to detail in Chou’s design is evident, with every aspect meticulously curated to evoke inspiration and energy. From exquisite lighting fixtures like the Vistosi – Giogali Collection Chandelier to avant-garde decor pieces such as the Poltronova Ultrafragola mirror by Ettore Sottsass Jr., the office is a testament to luxury and sophistication.

“Natasha and I visited the Public Hotel in New York, designed by Herzog and de Meuron,” shared Eric Hendrikx, executive creative director at NKPR. “The lobby was a large, bright and open space with great energy— we wanted to recreate this vibe and design our own version of it, and I think we found a similar energy.”

Moreover, the inclusion of custom-integrated features like autographed skateboards by Rolling Stone career artists and a Negroni bar adds a unique charm to the space. The outdoor terrace bar and pergola by Garden Living further enhance the office’s versatility, providing a seamless transition between work and leisure activities.

A rooftop terrace was incorporated for entertaining clients and hosting intimate events, equipped with a fire pit, harvest bar and sweeping vistas of downtown Toronto. “The most important aspect of the terrace was to offer our creative team access to sunshine on nice days,” says Natasha.

Successfully, NKPR’s new workspace design represents a shift in office design and culture, blending hangout and place of business. According the Chou, this concept is a testament to the agency‘s commitment to creating environments that foster collaboration, creativity, and well-being in the post-pandemic era.

“We strive to create spaces that elevate intellectual, emotional and physiological levels of experience,” he says. “The creation of a narrative forms the conceptual point of departure for all the work that we do and is essentially a story inspired by the client. The NKPR office embodies the story of Natasha’s past, present and future endeavours and we are proud to have designed a space that will set the stage for her next chapter.”


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