July 15, 2024

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Orgatec Tokyo: A Japanese Design Approach to the Workspace

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As Orgatec Tokyo 2024 concludes, we present top domestic and international brands, whose work explores innovative workplace design concepts.

May 29 – 31—As Orgatec Tokyo draws to a close on its final day, we consider the top brands from domestic and international markets exhibiting during the event. Notably, this edition featured 78 first-time exhibitors, including prominent names like ITOKI, OKAMURA, KOKUYO, Inaba International, Karimoku Furniture, and UniFor. The Xperience Area hosted keynote speeches by celebrated designer Satoshi Yoshiizumi, while the Trend Forum featured presentations from experts like architect Hiroshi Nakamura and interior designer Masamichi Katayama. These thought leaders delved into the evolving dynamics of workplace design, exploring how innovative concepts can transform work styles in Japan and beyond. 

We’ve selected exhibiting companies to highlight, whose products continue to shape the future of work environments.

Asahi Wood Tech’s Cutting-Edge Wooden Interior Solutions

Since its founding in 1952, Asahi Wood Tech has led the industry in wooden interior building materials, epitomizing the “creation of comfortable human spaces” through innovative and environmentally conscious products. Noteworthy recent offerings include the “Solid Wood Sawn Board Decorative Floors” from their Live Natural Premium series, featuring pure, unadulterated solid wood sawn to a 2mm thickness, and the “HYGIENIC” line, which boasts five hygienic properties including antiviral and antibacterial capabilities. Additionally, their “LiveNatural for Dog” series combines the warmth of natural wood with a non-slip surface suitable for pets, while the revised “WOODRIUM” collection offers a versatile range of solid precious wood and sawn board materials ideal for various interior applications such as stairs, handrails, and countertops.

Itoki: Pioneering Human-Centric Spaces for Over 130 Years

For over 130 years, Itoki has been at the forefront of creating innovative and human-centric spaces that energize both people and the environment. Established in 1890 as Itoki Shoten, the company has a rich history of pioneering products, including the groundbreaking Zeniaiki cash register. Today, Itoki continues to support the evolving needs of office spaces, healthcare facilities, public institutions, and more. Their original Itoki brand offers a comprehensive range of office solutions, including chairs, desks, storage, and creative work products, while the Joyten brand adapts these high-quality designs to meet local consumer needs. Remaining true to their mission of innovation, Itoki’s products and design proposals are integral to shaping the future of workspaces globally.

Courtesy of Itoki Global

KOKUYO: Empowering Uniqueness and Creativity Through Innovative Spaces

KOKUYO‘s commitment to understanding customer needs and delivering innovative solutions is reflected in its three distinct brands: Any way, SAIBI, and DAYS OFFICE. In line with their long-term vision formulated in February 2021, KOKUYO’s corporate philosophy, “be Unique,” aims to stimulate inner creativity and support a society where everyone can express their uniqueness. This philosophy drives their efforts to design and propose spaces that enhance the work environment, accommodating the evolving trends in working and learning. KOKUYO offers a wide range of products and services, including seating and tables designed to support various work styles and postures, office essentials like lockers and whiteboards, and comprehensive spatial design and construction services for offices, medical and educational institutions, and public agencies. By focusing on improving work environments and fostering creativity, KOKUYO helps make work, learning, and living spaces more comfortable and inspiring.

Courtesy of Kokuyo

Daishin Kogyo: Innovative Steel Office Furniture Solutions

Since its founding in 1956, Daishin Kogyo has specialized in the design and manufacturing of high-quality steel office furniture, utilizing its proprietary suspension rail technology. Known for their durable and meticulously crafted filing cabinets, Daishin Kogyo offers a range of products including system storage furniture, parallel movable bookcases, and various types of cabinets for offices, factories, and medical institutions. Recent additions to their product line include the Grotta series, featuring semi-private open booths with flexible layout options, and Workshop Furniture, designed to foster creativity and teamwork in modern office environments. The Barrier Meat booths provide dedicated spaces for online meetings, ensuring privacy and focus, while the Rectangular Counter series creates inviting office café areas equipped with ample power outlets and integrated storage solutions. Daishin Kogyo’s commitment to continuous innovation and quality craftsmanship ensures their furniture meets the evolving needs of diverse workspaces.

Toray Group’s Ultrasuede: Innovative, Sustainable, and Luxurious

Toray Group, a leader in advanced materials, created Ultrasuede® in 1970, revolutionizing industries with its luxurious feel, durability, and versatile applications. Originally celebrated in the fashion capitals of New York and Paris, Ultrasuede® has since expanded into diverse sectors, including automotive, aviation, sports, and electronics accessories. This material is prized for its soft texture, ease of maintenance, and colorfastness, making it ideal for furniture, upholstery, and even luxury goods display. In a significant step towards sustainability, Toray introduced Ultrasuede® HP, a high-performance fabric incorporating 30% plant-based materials. This innovation, achieved through continuous research, utilizes plant-based polyurethane and polyester derived from sugarcane waste, reducing reliance on petroleum. Ultrasuede® HP’s eco-friendly composition, combined with its long-lasting durability, positions it as a superior, sustainable choice for environmentally conscious designers and consumers.

Nutral by Toshin: Versatile, Authentic, and Timeless Planters

Nutral by Toshin is a brand committed to the authentic texture of materials, developed to seamlessly fit various spaces with its neutral design. Utilizing GRC (glass fiber reinforced cement), a material Toshin Corporation has perfected over its 50-year history in planter making, Nutral planters are mixed with pigments to produce sophisticated neutral colors like gray, beige, and light gray. This results in a warm, modern aesthetic that highlights the unique characteristics of the material, including natural air bubbles and color variations. The planters’ solid, compact design makes them versatile for use in commercial facilities, individual stores, small offices, and homes. The latest innovation in Nutral’s lineup includes a lightweight, breathable GRC planter that is easy to move and supports various plant growth.

With a plain appearance ideal for collaborations, the brand’s first special model was created with renowned landscape gardener Kei Amano. The Nutral range offers seven types of planters, each designed to blend effortlessly into any environment with their timeless neutral hues and high-quality craftsmanship from Toshin’s skilled artisans.


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