July 19, 2024

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Prestige Global Meeting Source Unveils New Hybrid Workspace Design

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Stephany Eaton is the owner and principal at PureAlchemy Design.

Partnership results in a new standard in hybrid officing

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, April 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Global meeting and events solutions entity, Prestige Global Meeting Source, together with fellow Minnesota-based design firm, PureAlchemy Design, announce the door-opening of a new experiential design concept at the Minneapolis headquarters. The project began in August of 2023 when Stephany Eaton of PureAlchemy Design began the redesign of the headquarters, appealing to hybrid employee and client bases.

PureAlchemy is an award-winning firm with unique capabilities to design spaces that go beyond the realm of visual appeal to impact the wellbeing and productivity of those who use them. In this case, Stephany created an atmosphere that has since drawn employees back into the office of their own accord. To the delight of Prestige, customers have asked to use the workspace, as well. This stands out as unique because employees across the nation are generally hesitant to return to workspaces.

This purposeful redesign featured individual and collaborative work zones, Zoom rooms, team-building spaces, and an atmosphere that encourages employees to gather together. Historic reclaimed barnwood and large glass panels were incorporated to boost serotonin levels and keep circadian rhythms in check. Specific furnishings were selected to promote healthy posture, stress relief, and overall wellbeing. Photos of the unique experiential design can be found here.

Chadwick Houwman of Prestige states, “Employees and customers love the inviting feel of the new space that Stephany created. With its inherent flexibility we can go from daily work to hosting large group events and happy hours here since the remodel. People appreciate the space and reason to gather together and collaborate. Our business has likewise been successful, and with significant sales growth over last year, we know that we’ll continue the trend of in-person collaboration in this new space.”

Persons interested in learning more about PureAlchemy’s approach to experiential branded environments can learn more here.

About PureAlchemy
PureAlchemy Design is a pioneer in experiential design. Specializing in offices, healthcare, retail, and unique commercial settings, PureAlchemy Design crafts and delivers spaces enhancing both in-person and virtual experiences.

About Prestige
Prestige Global Meeting Source, founded in 1986, provides site selection and event services. Our experienced sales partners work to find and contract the best possible hotels, resorts, DMCs and cruises for groups and continue through to full-service event development and management.

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